Before And After Red Treatment – ​​Ombre Eyebrow Spray Combines Smooth Powder Dispersion

See Actual Image of the Process of Treating Red and Refreshing Eyebrows by Ombre Eyebrow Spray Combined with Smooth Powder.

Before: This customer's eyebrows were red after a while of beauty, making her feel "uncomfortable" and wanted to fix it. She looked for a reputable address to overcome this situation and was fortunate to be introduced to Miss Tram by a younger brother.

Or: Coming to Miss Tram Spa, she was advised by an expert in handling old ink colors and advised to use a combination of Ombre eyebrow spray and super-fine powder to get new, more beautiful, sharp and attractive eyebrows. New eyebrows have made her feel very satisfied. 

If you are having a hard time finding a suitable beauty method, don't forget to visit Miss Tram Natural Beauty Center for immediate advice by a team of experienced experts! 

Check out her actual photos below!

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