How to Treat Bruised Skin During Tattooing

|Question – Answer| How to Treat Bruised Skin During Tattooing

Miss Tram Academy received the above question from a friend recently, Miss Tram did not understand the question well, so she asked again, you want to ask about the case "Your customer bruised".

If talking about you, the case of bruising and bruising is quite rare except for one case of bruising, swelling and possibly peeling skin because of the anesthetic incubation for too long.

So, Miss Tram students, note that the incubation time for guests is about 20-25 minutes, for guests with thin skin, it is about 15 minutes as instructed by the instructors.

And pay attention to need to be careful in the Incubation step for customers who have ever bleached their skin, fired a lot of lasers, etc., because the client's skin is thin, it will lead to the case above.

Good luck with your studies.

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