The Most Effective Way to Fix Darkened Spray Lips 1

The Most Effective Way to Fix Dark Spray Lips

Spraying lips is to help lips have a natural color layer, look younger and fresher. This technique also helps to cover many inherent defects on the lips so that customers can be confident anytime, anywhere, even without makeup. However, in the process of tattooing, especially when you are new to the profession, it will be difficult to avoid negligence, causing the final result to be undesirable.

Among these, it is not uncommon for customers to turn dark after spraying. So what is the cause of the error, and what is the most effective way to handle it?

Treatment of dark lips spray

The Most Effective Way to Treat Darkened Spray Lips

Why is my lips dark after spraying?

Lip spray technique The most standard requires the operator to ensure that the depth of the needle when impacting the skin is only 0,3mm, and the needle speed is not too fast, performing one side color about 3 times. In addition, the maximum time for a lip spray session is only 45 minutes, because doing it too long will damage this sensitive skin area and lead to many other problems.

Referring to the error that can occur when spraying lips, in the experience of Miss Tram Academy The most significant encounter is the case where the lips do not turn dark. Why has this situation happened?

How to treat dark lips after spraying?

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Dark lips after spraying are mainly caused by the following factors:

  • First, the person performing the needle is not technically correct, the needle holding position is wrong.
  • Second, the speed of the needle is too fast plus the needle penetrates deeply, causing damage to the lips, causing the lip skin to bruise and lead to darkening.
  • Third, if you go with the needle in a straight direction, not a spiral, it will lead to uneven ink, and easy damage to the lips.
  • Fourth, when using poor quality inkjet ink, mixing colors at the wrong rate will also lead to darkened lips and non-standard colors.

How to treat dark spray lips?

fix dark spray lips

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After spraying lips, if you check that the customer's lips are damaged or bruised, you need to calm down to determine the most suitable treatment plan. In this situation, experts recommend that you need to talk to customers, tell them to come back about 30 days later to color.

If the lips are sprayed once and it is dark, the next time it is necessary to use orange or red orange color again. Note, we must use the right needle technique, really evenly to bring the ink to the lips, helping the lips to stick to the color evenly.

The most standard lip spray experience

fix dark spray lips safely

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In order to help the lips to be completely beautiful, evenly colored and have a certain smoothness, you should note some of the following points:

  • It is necessary to choose quality inkjet inks, extracted from natural ingredients and free of lead or other metals.
  • Master the color mixing formula, adjust the color ratio in accordance with the customer's age and skin tone.
  • Insert the base injector in the right lip that is longer than the lip line, proceed to go short in the first turn.
  • Using the right needle technique, non-invasively causing damage to the lips. Pay attention to the force of the needle evenly, do not lift the needle and the needles must be close together.
  • Anesthesia is needed to make the client comfortable and to facilitate the needle-walking process.

Hope some share on here of Miss Tram Academy helped you gain more experience to effectively handle the situation of dark lip spray for customers, and at the same time, help you have more tips and best lip spray techniques.

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