Treatment of Red and Green Eyelids into New Smooth, Natural Eyelids

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Eyelid spraying / sculpting requires estheticians to be very skillful and meticulous in each path because the eyelid contour is very small and thin, even a small mistake can cause damage to the eyes. Therefore, the students of Miss Tram often send questions on the topic of eyelid spraying / sculpting.

Today we will discuss how to handle eyelids for cases of greening, red, removing eyelids before refreshing, to have naturally smooth eyelids!

Treatment of blue eyelids: Direct injection of HS-1Ni xanh blue treatment ink

To treat red eyelid color: We will sculpt with red treatment ink directly on the red eyelid, then use black to sculpt over the treated part until the eyelid is black again.

Remove bad eyelids: There are 3 methods we can do depending on the damage condition, and the lightness of the old ink color:

1. Laser Erase

2. Erase with solution according to European method

3. Spray the skin color to overlap each thin layer, so this method should be limited because the eyelids will be smudged and not beautiful.

note: Do not make eyelids for customers when they are wearing lenses.

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