How to Deal with Irregular Spray Lips - Smudged Lips - Deep Lips 1

How to Deal with Irregular Spray Lips – Blurred Lips – Deep Lips

A lip after spraying is considered successful when it comes to beautiful smooth color, has a certain amount of moisture with the most natural harmonious lip contour. However, many cases where the lips are finished spraying are far from what is learned in the textbook, specifically you may encounter situations where the lips are too dark, uneven, smeared and even darkened. So why is this happening? What is the most effective fix? Miss Tram Academy will share with you some experiences on handling irregular spray lips right below.

The most effective method of treating lips with uneven spray, smudged lips, dark lips

Instructions for Treating Irregular Spray Lips - Smudged Lips - Deep Lips

Instructions for Treating Irregular Spray Lips – Blurred Lips – Deep Lips

Lip spray - Aesthetic trend has never been hot

Spray lips is one of the most popular beauty treatments because it helps us to own beautiful smooth lips, without having to rely on lipstick every time we go out or worry about lipstick drifting every time we eat. Because of the high demand for this beauty industry, lip tattooing It is considered as an attractive industry with high career opportunities.

In general, learning lip spray is not too difficult and does not require us to have ingenuity available. As long as you follow the instructor's instructions, observe the practice and keep practicing, you will quickly improve. However, it is also noted that in order to make beautiful lips and meet customers' expectations is a process of training, accumulating a lot of practical experience to turn the general into one's own. In addition to mastering the current needle and lip injection techniques, we must study possible error situations to quickly handle them, providing perfect results.

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So what errors can happen in lip spray?

When new to the profession, very few people successfully perform 100% of lip spray cases. Because lips are beautiful or not depends on many factors, including:

  • Location and actual condition of customers
  • Technique of color selection and ink mixing
  • How to control the injection machine, how to align the force of the needle
  • Post-spraying care of the worker

With the experience of experts at Miss Tram AcademyWhen spraying lips, we may have problems such as too dark lip color, uneven lips, smudged lips, dark lips or bruises. Each of these situations will be handled differently. Specifically:

Uneven lip color

Uneven lip color
Uneven lip color

In case the lips are unevenly colored, the uncharacteristic patchy color is one of the most common mistakes. This error is mostly due to when we mixed the ink with the wrong proportions, not stirring well. In addition, if the treatment is not thorough, it also affects the quality of the lips after spraying. Another reason why the lips are discolored is the force of the needle in the shallow place, causing the ink to enter the skin not continuously.

How to handle: If this happens, you need to redo the areas where the ink color does not come up.

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Lips are stained

The ink color smeared outside the border makes the lips less charming, affecting the overall face. This error occurs when you mix the ink in the wrong ratio, the needle goes out.

How to handle: They have to rely on a specialized color treatment to remove this smudge. Note that the operation must be very clever or it will affect the color inside.

Lips are stained

Lips are stained

Dark lip rim

If you insert the needle too much or go too hard on the edge of the lip, it can make this part dark like dark. This situation is really annoying for both the performer and the client because it makes the lips not as beautiful as expected.

How to handle: When this error occurs, you need to ask for more time from the customer and proceed to use a specialized deep color treatment to treat the lip contour area.

Dry Lips Error
Dry Lips Error

Lips are dry

Mainly happens when your needle pressure is too fast, plus when the ink is mixed, it gives too much white. Dry lips will reduce the beauty and naturalness, making customers feel frustrated.

How to handle: in this case, we should advise the customer to return after 60 days of spraying to apply a layer of lip gloss. When performing mile spray, you should use the spiral needle technique, so it will avoid damage to the skin of the lips, helping the lips to have a much smoother shine.

Wish you successfully handle the error cases that occur when spraying lips, giving customers the most natural beautiful lips.

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