How to Handle When Spraying Eyelids With Discoloration 2

How to Handle When Spraying Eyelids With Discoloration

What To Do With Eyelid Spray With Discoloration

Eyelid spraying is one of the common mistakes in novice technicians and even those with long-term experience. If you are weak in skills, or neglectful in the process of manipulation, it can affect the final result. So in this case, how do we handle it?

How to Handle When Spraying Eyelids With Discoloration 3

1. What causes eyelids to be stained when spraying?

Eyelid spray có khả năng tạo ra đường viền mí sắc nét, giúp mắt có chiều sâu, long lanh và có hồn hơn. Vốn dĩ trước đây, nhiều nàng đã sử dụng chì kẻ để tạo điểm nhấn cho mắt của mình. Nhưng cách trang điểm này tốn nhiều thời gian, đòi hỏi sự tỉ mỉ và có thể không mang đến hiệu quả như mong đợi. Thế nên, ngày càng nhiều chị em tìm đến phương pháp phun nhấn mí để tân trang cho nhan sắc của mình.

Spraying eyelids according to modern techniques, technicians will use embroidery spray tools with micro needles to carefully go each small stroke on the eyelids, helping the ink penetrate deeply and change the pigmentation of the eyelids. Because this area of ​​the skin is quite sensitive because it is close to the eyes and fragile, with just a small mistake, the results may not be as expected, even affecting the operator's vision. So, Miss Tram Academy Note that you must be very focused, helping your customers own the most beautiful eyelid border.

Notes: How to Fix Bleed Eyelid Spray

Despite being guided by the techniques, it is difficult to avoid errors during the operation. And with the training experience of Miss Tram Academy, the most common mistake is the color of the eyelids.

Discoloration is the case where the ink is deposited at one or more points on the eyelid contour. At that time, instead of sharp and definitive eyelid contour, it will be messy and lose its elegance.

cách xử lý phun mí mắt bị loang màu

The cause of this error is:

  • Uneven needle force
  • The injector goes too deep into the skin

Controlling the needle unevenly and entering the ink under the skin too deeply will lead to ink stagnation, smearing outside the predefined contour. Then it will destroy the eyelid shape that the customer chooses, as if this eyelid spray case is completely broken.

How to handle when spraying eyelids with color

In this case, we only have one treatment, which is to remove the laser, and then re-spray new eyelids for the client. This is an error that the implementer does not want, and the customer is the most disappointed.

It takes a long time to repair and repair, the uncomfortable feeling of going to the needle will make customers unhappy. Therefore, if this is the case, you must skillfully apologize and reassure the customer, then quickly fix the error for the customer.

In addition, when spraying eyelids for customers, Miss Tram Academy also notes you some of the following points:

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So, Miss Tram Academy presented the cause of eyelid spraying and how to fix the error. Hope the article will help you gain more knowledge and useful career experience.


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