Feelings of HP students when getting their first lip sample
Feelings of HP students when taking the first lip sample, they were quite nervous and nervous at first, but thanks to the teacher's dedicated guidance, the results were very satisfactory.

Experience of HP students when making the first lip model at Miss Tram Academy


Every time Student Miss Tram Academy Sharing the feeling of completing beauty results for customers are different emotions expressed.

Today let's listen to HP students of Professional Tattooing course share!

She confided that this is the first lip model so it's very worried, nervous, not sure whether to do it successfully or not.

But okay the dedicated support from the teachers makes me feel much more confident; Guided from the stage of ink mixing, anesthesia to needles, the results bring customers very satisfied.

Through this, Ms. HP would like to thank the model for her enthusiastic support as well as the team Miss Tram VietNam helped.

 Thank you for the recent sharing of HP students, wish you a good time studying and achieving much success in your career.

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