What To Do When Receiving Guests With Melasma 2

What To Do When Receiving Guests With Melasma

|Question – Answer| What To Do When Receiving Guests With Melasma

What To Do When Receiving Guests With Melasma 3

Melasma is one of the most serious problems on the skin, and it has a complex treatment and a longer effective time. Therefore, not only Miss Tram's students but many of you who have worked are also "confused" to face in this case.

Today, Miss Tram takes the time to share some experiences to help you be more confident when advising customers to treat melasma!

With Miss Tram Academy, the core thing to pay attention to when advising guests is a must “Clearly identify the situation” customers, explain to help customers better understand the mechanism of formation of melasma so that appropriate treatment options can be proposed.

Normally, Miss Tram students will have to understand and do the following steps well:

– Step 1: Check the skin

Need to examine the skin to check the status of the customer's pigmentation and collect information about the customer, specifically: how long have they been melasma, have they used any strange cosmetics, have had a baby, ... assess the cause of melasma on the customer's face.

▪️Note, if customers have ever treated melasma with drugs or lasers, they must be careful, to avoid irritation problems that make the condition worse.

– Step 2: Consult the course for customers

+ After clearly identifying the skin condition, you will advise the customer to understand what to do, how long to treat and with what technology, etc.

+ The fastest, safest and most effective treatment method is laser treatment. However, there are also cases where applying algae or specialized drugs will bring the desired results. The drugs mainly nourish skin cells, fade pigmentation to return the original glow to the skin.

– Step 3: Carry out the appropriate procedures

– The final step of the process is to start the treatment after agreeing with client treatment.

In addition, you should also pay attention to customers with deep-seated melasma, they should add oral drugs to increase efficiency (Can appoint customers to use Oreful, Collagen ZO or ...)

Or in some cases, the client's skin is too thin, so it is necessary to apply the method of raising stem cells, to help the skin to be healthy before applying treatment with specialized creams or lasers.

Along with the treatment at the Spa, you should note that guests have reasonable skin care, drink enough water, supplement vitamin-rich foods and absolutely must apply sunscreen, protect their skin carefully when going out.

Some of the above shares of Miss Tram Academy hope to have provided you with more useful experiences. To fully grasp the skills and knowledge about caring for and treating skin problems, quickly register for attractive courses at Miss Tram Academy!
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