The Structure Of A Tattoo Injector What Parts Is Included

The Structure Of A Tattoo Injector What Parts Is Included

[Q&A] What is the Structure of a Tattoo Sprayer?

The Structure Of A Tattoo Injector What Parts Is Included

This is a research and career-oriented question for those of you who are looking to learn more about Spraying - Embroidery - Aesthetic Sculpture at Miss Tram.

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Each tattoo machine will be divided into 2 main parts: CONTROLLER and HANDLING MACHINE WITH TATTOT NEEDED.

Remote controll

Depending on the structure and configuration of each machine, the controller will have different functions. But they all have the following characteristics in common:

– The controller is a submersible machine, the parameters will be displayed through the control screen (the screen can be a normal screen or a touch screen).

– The adjustment operations on the depth of the needle, the speed of the machine.. will be performed by KTV. In addition, on the market today, there are also new generation, modern and smart tattoo machines with pre-programmed tattoo pens according to settings suitable for each skin type before tattooing. The touch screen displays all the parameters as soon as the ink cartridge is attached, along with the analysis and immediately giving the parameters compatible with each skin type right on the screen.

Mobile phone handle

- The machine handle has an injector attached to directly manipulate the skin surface. This part is in direct contact with skin tissue cells.

– Tattoo ink will be injected into the skin in an appropriate amount and come out from the needles. The handheld part will operate according to the pre-set frequency.

Remember to carefully grasp the information as well as the basic structure of a tattoo sprayer today. Because Miss Tram will continue to guide you on how to choose a quality machine, how to test the machine, how to preserve it ... in the next sharing posts for everyone to refer to!

For more information, the popular courses (depending on your interests) to get started with the beauty industry are:

- Course in Tattooing, Embroidery, Cosmetic Sculpture (eyebrows - eyelids - lips)

- Skin Care and Treatment Specialist Training Course

- Professional Eyelash Extensions - Professional Eyelash Curling Course

- Make-up Class

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