Men's Eyebrows Are Considered Beautiful Based On What Criteria 2

Men's Eyebrows Are Considered Beautiful Based On Which Criteria

[Q-A] Male eyebrows are considered beautiful based on what criteria Chí

Men's Eyebrows Are Considered Beautiful Based On What Criteria 3

As we have seen, women must be the ones who always spend a lot of time taking care of beautiful eyebrows. Sometimes, just one eyebrow growing in the wrong position can make women "stand and sit" restless.

Men are usually not so strict, the requirements of men when performing any beauty method must ensure the most NATURAL factor possible. However, there are still certain criteria set out to help our KTV friends or customers determine whether the eyebrows are BEAUTIFUL or not?


  • Eyebrows are bold, clear, straight, not messy, neither curved nor short.
  • The eyebrow shape shows masculinity but is not stiff with bold, wide brows, the middle part of the eyebrow and the eyebrow has harmony and uniformity.
  • The distance between the two eyebrows of the two sides is not greater than the width of the base of the nose, this is the most basic standard of a beautiful male eyebrow.
  • The end point of the eyebrow should be on the same line as the corner of the eye

+ Most importantly: Men's eyebrows absolutely do not see the eyebrow frame, only buffer the part of the eyebrow you are missing and in some cases it is necessary to create a "thin eyebrow" around the eyebrow shape to create natural degree.

+ In addition, the distance between the sculpted eyebrows must have a skin gap, not sticky or form an ink board.

+ To achieve these criteria, the KTV needs to firmly grasp the technique of drawing and determining the eyebrows according to the GOLDEN RATE. From there, applying technology with the right beauty technologies will definitely achieve perfect results for its customers.

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