The golden key to help her shine in the spa industry
Golden opportunity to help her shine in the spa industry

The Golden Key to Help Her Shine In The Spa Industry

Golden Opportunity To Help Her Shine In The Spa Industry At Miss Tram Academy

Learn a good job - Get a job right out of school - Conquer the salary "CRISIS" with Professional Skin Care And Treatment Specialist Training Course in Miss Tram AcademyAre you ready to shine?

At Miss Tram VietNam Students not only learn in-depth knowledge, modern beauty trends but also have the opportunity to approach attractive careers. Helping those who love the spa industry to develop themselves, create their own brand.

The golden key to help her shine in the spa industry
Golden opportunity to help her shine in the spa industry

The course is suitable for:

  • Who wants to become a professional Skin Care and Treatment KTV.
  • People who want to become a Consultant, Spa Manager.
  • Want to learn a profession to be beautiful for everyone, or become a Spa Technician Training Instructor.

What will you learn from this course?

  • Understand concepts, background knowledge, skin structure…
  • Learn about tools, machines and products in the beauty and skin care process.
  • Proficient in the steps of washing face, steaming, exfoliating, vacuuming / taking acne cores according to medical standards, massaging head - shoulders - nape ...
  • Understand the high-tech skin care and beauty treatments for customers:
    • Vitamin C treatment helps whiten skin.
    • Sebum-regulating detox treatment.
    • Mercury lead aspiration therapy.
    • Skin rejuvenation collagen treatment.
    • Salmon DNA Electrophoresis Process.
    • Treatment of Spirulina/Rose's Nest/Diamond Nano Threading.
    • ...

SUPER SPECIAL: Transfer of Therapy Treatment of Acne Skin Problems - Pimple Scars - Freckles - Skin Regeneration is committed to bringing high efficiency.

Those who are interested in the beauty industry should seize the opportunity and choose the right career with this course at Miss Tram Academy .

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