The Secret to Choosing the Best Ink for Eyebrow Sculpting 2

The Secret to Choosing the Best Ink for Eyebrow Sculpting

With any field, the secret is still the decisive thing, so what is the secret to choosing a beautiful eyebrow sculpting ink and how? In eyebrow sculpting, if the standard ink is selected, the final result will be more perfect, giving customers a harmonious, beautiful eyebrow that meets the safety criteria.

So when choosing sculpting ink, what factors do you need to pay attention to? Some shares of Miss Tram Academy will provide more useful knowledge for you.

The Secret to Choosing the Best Ink for Eyebrow Sculpting 3

The Secret to Choosing the Best Ink for Eyebrow Sculpting

The importance of ink in eyebrow sculpture

Sculpture is one of the modern aesthetic techniques, which is gradually becoming the most popular trend. This technique will use very small needles assembled together carved into the skin to bring ink into the skin. The needle tip acts with a moderate depth, enough to save the ink but not to hurt the eyebrow area. Moreover, the sculptor has the ability to create a natural eyebrow shape that is difficult to distinguish after undergoing cosmetic intervention.

How to choose tattoo ink?

To successfully sculpt a pair of eyebrows, in addition to the technique and skill of the operator, the ink used is also extremely important. Why is that?

The main sculpting is to create conditions for the ink to penetrate into the skin layer and stay there for a certain time, helping the predefined lines to have color and become clearer. Therefore, if the standard ink is mixed, the eyebrow color becomes more harmonious with the overall face.

Because of direct contact with the body, the demand for ink quality is even higher. If the ink is mixed with too many impurities and ingredients of unknown origin, it will not only affect the eyebrow aesthetic but also the customer's health may be seriously affected. These negative effects can include: the risk of lead poisoning, heavy metal poisoning, causing many other dangerous complications.

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What should you pay attention to when choosing sculpting ink?

In tattooing as well as sculpture, there are two basic types of ink: inorganic ink and organic ink. These two types have very distinct differences. Specifically:

Inorganic ink is usually mineral ink or iron oxide. These ingredients help color quickly penetrate the skin, sculpted eyebrows are clearly visible and durable. However, some unscrupulous manufacturers may add more ingredients. Their main purpose is to reduce the ink rate and increase the color fastness at a cheaper cost. Substances added to the ink can include metals, mercury and even azo – colorants that have been banned in the cosmetic industry.

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If you run after profit and use this ink for your customers, it will cause many unpredictable consequences. Although inorganic ink has high color adhesion, it is easy to lead to oxidation, causing the eyebrows to lose their naturalness, revealing aesthetic traces. Furthermore, toxins can seep into the bloodstream, causing dangerous complications.

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Regarding organic ink, although the color fastness is not equal, it can ensure safety indicators. This ink is extracted from natural herbal ingredients, capable of creating a beautiful smooth coating, even if you do it for a long time, there will be no problems with color oxidation.

Currently, choosing to buy quality organic ink can be difficult for you because the market is very diverse, there is a mix of German, American and Chinese products. If you are new to the profession and have no experience, it is easy to get confused. In this situation, you can apply the trick is to put the ink on the glossy paper, use a magnet to check. If the ink shows signs of attracting a magnet, it means it contains metal.

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Besides, Miss Tram Academy Also note that because organic ink does not contain metal particles, the grip is never perfect the first time you sculpt. Therefore, most of the eyebrow sculpting cases have to be reapplied a second time. In this mile, we will go back to the pale areas, the ink points are not even to help the customer's eyebrows become clearer and more beautiful.

Hope the article was useful to you!


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