Sister T's share when students sprayed her eyebrows
Ms. T's share when the student sprayed her eyebrows, you were a bit worried at first, but then you didn't feel uncomfortable but the results were very satisfactory.

Sister T's Share When Students Do Eyebrow Spraying


Come Miss Tram VietNam How does it feel to be a model? Please follow the sharing of Ms. T to know the answer!

Ms. T confided When I first came to model, I was afraid of not being beautiful or causing pain... but in the process No sign of pain but very comfortable. The result after eyebrow spray is great, the shape is balanced, the color is harmonious to help brighten the face yours up again!

Ms. T thanked Trainee TX for helping her own very beautiful and satisfactory eyebrows, and also thank the team Miss Tram VietNam Thank you so much for your support!

Thank you T for your recent sharing, wish you happiness and happiness in life.

In addition, students can refer to the information of popular courses (depending on their interests) to get started with the beauty profession:

Please contact us immediately Miss Tram Academy For more advice on the study path as well as to see if you are suitable for this profession or not!

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