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One of the small but very important steps of the eyelid spraying process is the Incubation step. Student at home Miss Tram Academy Let's discuss and review the European standard safe and accurate eyelid anesthesia technique.

Anesthesia technique:

After shaping the eyelid shape and the customer is satisfied, we will go to the numbing step.

First, you take a hair cover to wrap your hair neatly and cover the guest with a blanket.
TNext, use the numbing cream technique to numb the eyelids:

Use a toothpick to pick up a sufficient amount of numbing cream to apply to the eyelids from head to tail.
Cover with nylon and then incubate for 15-20 minutes. Then proceed to spray normally

The incubation time is about 12-17 minutes, depending on how thin or thick the client's skin is. Pay attention to the skin around the numbing area, if it is red, it is already numb, you must remove the anesthetic and carry out sculpting, if left for too long, the customer's eyelids will be easily swollen and painful when doing.

And Miss Tram's Anesthesia Team did not forget to note that it is very important that when anesthetizing, you incubate each side to keep the numbness during the process, right? DON'T FORGET.

Instructions for Incubating Anesthesia Correctly

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