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Brow Brow - Red Brow Correction

How to correct oxidized, blue & red, uneven eyebrows into new eyebrows with natural brown color.

In cosmetic tattooing, we will encounter many cases where customers have done eyebrows before but have problems such as red and blue oxidation, uneven color, etc. Want to successfully perform these cases. , you need to understand the technique of error handling, remove the broken color patches, and then proceed to shape and spray new eyebrows.

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The eyebrow treatment methods have been done but they are red and blue and uneven in color

Traditional tattooing methods and previous eyebrow spray often have the characteristic that they easily cause the phenomenon of eyebrows to oxidize, change the original color to red-green forms, and irregularly mottled eyebrows. The reason for this situation is because the ink used is not of good quality, the traditional method of needle penetration into the skin is too much.

Green & Red Eyebrow Correction Methods
Green & Red Eyebrow Correction Methods

People who have done eyebrows and encountered the above errors can still overcome and create new eyebrows with modern spraying and sculpting methods. To do this, we have the following ways to handle:

1. Use the skin color overlap spray method

This is the simplest, fastest and most cost-effective way. When you do, you will spray a layer of ink with a similar color to the skin on the faulty eyebrow. Skin color can also be sprayed over the old eyebrows. Then we proceed to shape the eyebrows and spray a new brown color for the customer.

This method is easy to do, does not take much time, but will face the following limitations: the risk of mismatched ink mixing makes the eyebrows mottled, after a while the eyebrows will fade, revealing the old lines, Eyebrow follicles weaken and may lose even real eyebrows, …

Method: Use laser to remove tattoo marks dấu
Method: Use laser to remove tattoo marks dấu

2. Use laser to remove tattoo marks dấu

You can use a laser with the right wavelength to break the bonds between tattoo ink molecules, helping to eliminate ink through the lymphatic system. This method is more effective than the above method because it can erase old damaged eyebrow marks, eyebrows with deep tattoo ink, and at the same time do not affect other skin areas.

You use a laser to erase the old eyebrow mark, the eyebrows will be returned to their original form, from which we will easily pose for customers with completely beautiful new eyebrows. The laser does not cause pain but it takes time, depending on the condition of the eyebrows, the treatment can last 1-5 times (1 month apart each time). In addition, Miss Tram Academy also notes that you should choose a laser machine with standard technology, so it will avoid hurting, burning real eyebrows or leaving scars for customers.

Use ink removal solution
Use ink removal solution

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3. Use tattoo ink removal solution from Europe

We do not need to use a laser or spray color on the damaged eyebrows, just use this special solution and everything can be solved quickly.

Tattoo ink removal solution can safely and effectively remove old ink marks, especially without harming real eyebrows. Ink removal time can range from 1-3 times depending on the depth of the old tattoo ink.

After processing the old ink color, you will contour the eyebrow frame with dark brown color for sharpness. Next, spray natural brown color so that the eyebrows have elegant lines, in harmony with the face. Note that, if you have ever had red-green bloom, you should not spray brown with black roots. When you're done, you need to check carefully (especially if you are green), if not, you have to use dark brown again.

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Some of the above handling experiences of Miss Tram Academy Hope to bring a lot of useful information for you who are pursuing a career in cosmetic tattooing. Good luck with your error handling!

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