Before And After Correcting Damaged Eyebrows And Sculpting 9D Eyebrows

Compare The Result Of Damaged Eyebrow Correction And 9D Eyebrow Sculpting 

Before: The old eyebrows of this female customer have fallen slightly blue, the shape of the eyebrows is thin and almost the eyebrow hairs only grow a little bit in the middle of the eyebrow and the head and tail are not afraid. And all the above defects make her face look pale.

Or: After carefully checking her situation, Miss Tram advises choosing a method of sculpting with 9D yarn, shaping the eyebrows according to the golden ratio for the face, but the sculpting ink color is mixed a bit darker.

As a result, the customer's face becomes more symmetrical and more prominent with new eyebrows. The sculptural yarn is very thin, even and naturally beautiful.

Take a look at the pictures below

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