The World and Vietnam's Best Tattoo Artists 5

The World And Vietnam Good Tattoo Applicators

If you are a person who works in the cosmetology profession, especially tattooing, you will surely want to know who is the master in this industry, a good tattoo artist who is famous in the world for his skills and knowledge. as well as their role in the hearts of generations of practitioners. They are all people who have made great contributions to the development of the tattoo industry today. With the article below, Miss Tram Academy will introduce you to the best tattoo artists in the world, invite you to find out.

The World And Vietnam Good Tattoo Applicators

1. Mr Branko Babic – PhiBrows

good tattoo artist

The best tattoo artist in the world Mr Branko Babic

The first name Miss Tram Academy would like to introduce to none other than the creator of the PhiBrows eyebrow sculpting method that is storming the beauty industry today – Mr Branko Babic. After discovering this eyebrow sculpting technique, he brought it to Europe and improved the technique. With this hand-sculpting technique, the cosmetic industry has been raised to a new level, bringing a realistic and natural look to the eyebrows. 

In addition, he is the founder of the world renowned cosmetology training institute PhiAcademy. This place has trained thousands of Master in cosmetic spray industry to help bring comprehensive beauty to everyone.

2. Kler Rosenberg

The World and Vietnam's Best Tattoo Artists 6

The best tattoo artist in the world Ms.Kler Rosenberg

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Ms.Kler Rosenberg is one of the first PhiBrows Masters of the academy and currently owns the Brow And Beauty Bar salon in Florida, USA. Her salon is the most searched name for the keyword “PhiBrows Microblading” in the United States, showing that her reputation and skill level are very popular.

In addition, she is a lecturer at Beauty Angels Academy USA, which trains thousands of successful students in jobs from around the world. In 2018, Ms. Rosler Rosenberg was awarded the "World The Best Master" award.

3. Melissa Heward

The World and Vietnam's Best Tattoo Artists 7

The best tattoo artist in the world Ms.Melissa Heward

The next character is Ms.Melissa Heward. In 2009, she opened her own salon called In A Wink Beauty And Lash Lounge. Ms.Melissa Heward started pursuing eyebrow sculpting in 2013 and in 2016 she became one of the PhiBrows Masters in Canada. She is one of the few students recognized by the "father" of the PhiAcademy Training Institute as the world's best and best artist. In addition, she is also a live instructor for her eponymous academy. A place to train experts and technicians not only in the field of eyebrow sculpture but also in the field of artistic eyelash extensions.

4. Dong Bao Tram

good tattoo artist

Good tattoo artist in Vietnam Dong Bao Tram

+ Note: Is it difficult to learn Cosmetic Tattooing?

Grand Master Dong Bao Tram is known as a famous tattooist in Vietnam. With nearly 20 years in the profession, she is constantly trying to learn, transfer new beauty technologies in the world to serve customers and apply them to train students. She does not choose to polish her name in a flashy way, but goes with her passion, quickness to the profession, bringing the most value to learners. Grand Master Dong Bao Tram belongs to the Top generation leading in the field of tattooing (eyebrows - lips - eyelids) in Vietnam. 

Even becoming a Master of tattoo spraying with a series of awards both at home and abroad (Master of the best lip spray, Master of the best eyebrow sculpture, Excellent Teacher of Asian beauty) and many times as the Board of Directors Examining international-level job competitions, Tram is still not complacent but still reminds herself to try and learn more.

today, beauty practitioner Miss Tram (Miss Tram Academy) is being evaluated by students as "a place worth studying for the year". Miss Tram and a team of teachers with professional knowledge and many years of experience are making every effort to impart and refine each student at Miss Tram Academy.

Find out more about popular courses (depending on your interests) to get started with the beauty industry at Miss Tram Academy:

– Course in Tattooing, Embroidery, Cosmetic Sculpture (eyebrows – eyelids – lips).

– Training Course for Skin Care and Treatment Specialists.

– Professional Eyelash Extensions - Professional Eyelash Bending Course.

– Make-up Vocational Training Class (Make-up).

A worth plus point for the beauty learners to note about Miss Tram Beauty Academy is that the current Miss Tram Academy's program is not only a simple knowledge, but it is her accumulated experience. Tram and the teaching staff are also senior Technicians at Miss Tram Natural Beauty Center (Established in 1999), the center operates in various types of beauty services for customers such as:

  • Spraying, tattooing, sculpting Eyebrow - Eyelid - Lips (Main service).
  • Treatment of acne thoroughly, fear of pitting for a long time (New technology + Professionals for many generations of Miss Tram family).
  • Skin rejuvenation (lifting muscles, wrinkle removal).
  • And many other beauty services.

5. Dan Tran

The World and Vietnam's Best Tattoo Artists 8

Good tattoo artist in Vietnam Dan Tran

In Vietnam, the name that cannot be ignored is Ms. Dan Tran, she is one of the most well-known professional masters in the field of eyebrow sculpture. Previously, she was a model, then turned to work in the beauty industry. With the effort of studying and practicing non-stop, Ms. Dan Tran has built himself a strong "beauty empire" in Saigon.

She is frequently invited to attend famous events at home and abroad in the field of beauty aesthetics. The two International Cosmetology centers and the International Academy are operated by Ms. Dan Tran opened as one of the leading beauty centers of the country, attracting a large number of customers and students.

Some information about Master Dan Tran:

  • Lecturer at Dan Tran Beauty & Academy
  • Top 10 Miss Photo 2007
  • Top 1 prestigious address to sculpt beautiful eyebrows
  • Golden Hand Artisan Award 2018
  • Won the best eyebrow sculpture award in Thailand
  • Judges of SJ Beauty Master Contest 2018
  • BGK tattoo spray contest in Korea
  • Judges for Mr & Ms PMU 2018 contest
  • BGK and catwalk training for Teacher Beauty International 2018
  • VIP guests at PMU World Wide Forum & Championships International Tattoo Workshop

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6. Kevin Le

The World and Vietnam's Best Tattoo Artists 9

Excellent tattoo artist in Vietnam Kevin Le

Mr.Kevin Le is known as a famous makeup artist regularly for famous stars in Vietnamese showbiz. However, he turned to the path of cosmetic tattooing and became one of the famous Masters today. 

During the past 5 years, with efforts to overcome difficulties in the profession, Mr. Kevin Le has achieved successes such as: Top 100 best tattoo artists in Asia; Top 10 Asian beauty care brands trusted in Vietnam, Top 10 prestigious beauty care brands in Vietnam, Top 10 leading training institutes in Ho Chi Minh City. In addition, he also serves as a judge and advisor for domestic and international tattoo spray competitions. At the same time, he received the position of Deputy Professional Committee of Vietnam Cosmetic Embroidery Spray Association.

Currently, Kevin Le Academy has become one of the institutes that attracts a large number of students, which trains high quality and well-trained students, as well as wins national and international awards.

Here are some of the best tattoo artists in the world Miss Tram Academy would like to introduce to you. This list is still lacking a lot, because the world is vast, there are many talents, but the knowledge of Miss Tram Academy limited. However, they are really very good people, when helping the beauty industry to develop more and more, helping people become more and more beautiful and ideal.

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