Should I Learn the Profession of Intensive Skin Care 2

Should You Learn Intensive Skin Care?

Should I Learn Intensive Skin Care?

With the development of quality of life, beauty and skin care services are increasingly chosen by women. Therefore, professional skin care profession is becoming one of the trends favored by many young people. In particular, as the more modern beauty technologies and professional skin care treatments become, spas increasingly require qualified human resources with more specialized knowledge and skills.

So, should you learn professional skin care? Let's find out through the following article of Miss Tram Academy.

1. Introduction to the profession of intensive skin care

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If in previous years, the basic skin care spa services are considered to be very developed. In the past few years, intensive skin care treatments have been preferred by many customers. Because with the increasingly negative impact from the environment, along with the increasing pressures of life, it is easy for people to have many skin problems.

In particular, with the continuous development and change of skin care and treatment technologies, Spas / Beauty Salons always require skin care professionals with sufficient knowledge, professional skills and proficiency. modern machinery and technology.

Therefore, besides the profession of cosmetic tattooing, skin care - intensive treatment is being evaluated as a "hot" profession in recent years.

2. Opportunity to learn professional skin care

  • The study time is short, the cost of learning is not too high

Compare to Spray cosmetic tattooing then Skincare profession Professionals have a shorter study period (only about 1-3 months depending on the study time and current level of the student) and the tuition is not too high. Especially after completing the course and mastering the knowledge and skills, you can confidently practice right away without any training or apprenticeship.

However, to ensure that after graduation, you have enough knowledge, skills and proficiency in skin treatment technologies and techniques, it is very important to choose which center to study at. Therefore, always consult and choose carefully the center that you are going to study.

Should I study intensive skin care?

  • Career opportunities and future development

Once you have knowledge of professional skin care, you can enhance your experience and skills to progress from Basic Technician to Treatment Technician and to Spa Manager (if you have the ability). management ability). In particular, you can also afford to open your own professional beauty and skin care salon once you have completed the Intensive Skin Care course.

To seize that development opportunity, you need to have extensive knowledge of skin care and treatment, proficient use of modern machinery and technology, and keep up to date with new knowledge and skills. Therefore, in addition to choosing a quality course, you also need to always strive and persevere with the new profession to achieve success as soon as possible.

3. Why did you choose to study skin care at Miss Tram?

A professional skin care and treatment specialist differs from a basic spa specialist in having in-depth knowledge of skin problems and mastering high-tech skin care and treatment techniques. Therefore, the selection of Intensive skin care course at prestigious centers such as Miss Tram Academy is the right choice for you.

Should I Learn the Profession of Intensive Skin Care 3

Coming to the courses at Miss Tram, not only are they fully trained in skills and knowledge of intensive skin care, students are also assured of the quality of teaching:

  • The instructors who directly teach the class are seasoned people with experience in both training and work, holding hands to ensure 100% of students can practice proficiently after the course.
  • The curriculum for nearly 20 years has been continuously improved, according to the CREDIT LEARNING mechanism - a unique feature of Miss Tram Academy - helping to ensure that students are closely followed from the beginning to the end of the course.
  • Learning goes hand-in-hand – Students are closely tutored, guided to practice directly on real samples with up to 80% of the time to ensure MASTER skills during and after the course.
  • Have the right to take the graduation exam for the official primary vocational certificate, the medical certificate to ensure and use peace of mind for legal business registration.
  • Standard classrooms: clean, airy and fully equipped with equipment before each course.

In particular, Miss Tram Academy also has many support policies for its students such as:

  • Flexible study time with each student's timetable.
  • Support job placement after graduation.
  • Share the experience of opening a salon that is suitable for each student's condition and effective Spa business secrets.
  • Trained in Consulting skills – Process supervision – Crisis resolution with customers…
  • Exclusive after-course care at Miss Tram Academy: Students are granted a VIP account, have the right to study online all courses (skin care, cosmetic tattoo spray, eyelash extensions, makeup, ...) of Internal Miss Tram.

Besides, Miss Tram Academy always create a friendly learning environment between students and teachers. Students not only have valuable experiences shared by experts in the profession, but also inspired and fueled with passion, so that they are always motivated to go further with this intensive skin care profession.

Skin care profession Professionalism is a profession that requires many skills and is always updated with new knowledge and technologies in skin care and treatment. In particular, this is considered one of the "hot" and most developing professions in the current spa industry. Therefore, if you are really passionate and serious about the profession, please contact Miss Tram Academy to be prepared with the best luggage to conquer this "hot" profession.

Hope this article will be useful to you. Good luck with your chosen path!

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