Should or Shouldn't Use a Headless Pimple Needle 1

Should or Shouldn't Use a Headless Pimple Needle

Get the acne As a very important step as a premise for acne treatments to be most effective, the use of acne needles is the way many KTVs use to remove acne quickly. But can all types of acne apply this method? Especially headless acne Should I use an acne needle?

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Should you pop a headless pimple?

Should or Shouldn't Use a Headless Pimple Needle

Headless cysts cause swelling, redness, and pain in the surrounding skin. With the name "headless acne", but the essence still has the acne core deep inside. The use of this type of acne needle is applied in the case of:

  • Acne is mild.
  • Acne grows individually, not in clusters.
  • Acne is small in size.

How to properly remove headless acne

Step 1: Steam helps to clean and clear the skin of the face, helping the acne to be exposed easily for processing, reducing burning pain.

Step 2: Disinfect needles, clean hands.

  • Wash your hands thoroughly with antibacterial soap to remove harmful bacteria, use medical gloves in the process of squeezing pimples.
  • Disinfect needles before treating headless acne by: boiling in hot water for 20 -10 minutes or soaking in alcohol 70 degrees (10 -20 minutes) then steaming dry before use.

Step 3: Squeeze acne gently

Use a light needle at the tip of the acne to reveal the nucleus, then use 2 fingertips to gently press the skin around the acne to push the acne out quickly, use a medical cotton to wipe the skin area just made.

Step 4: Wash your face after using the acne needle

After the KTV is done, wash the customer's face with acne cleanser, use acne cream/serum/essence to treat scars and dark spots after acne for customers.

There is no type of acne that can make KTV "surrender", it is important to acquire a lot of useful knowledge to apply to all skin care - acne treatment cases!

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