Learn the Uses of Biological Lights 2

Learn the Uses of Biological Lights

Technicians Should Know The Uses Of These Biological Lights.

Biological light is considered as a "magic light" that is widely applied in spas and beauty centers. Apply low energy and optical technology to treat so without pain or side effects.

Learn the Uses of Biological Lights 3

Hey KTV friends! Let's learn about biological light types and their effects with Miss Tram!

Red light

Has a wavelength of 630nm, improves metabolism, helps the skin secrete a large amount of Collagen Protein to increase elasticity, improve dryness, wrinkles, dullness.

In addition, red light also has anti-aging, anti-oxidant and quick recovery compared to traditional methods

Blue Light

Has a wavelength of 415nm, is a kind of cold light, cools the skin, anti-inflammatory and good bactericidal. In addition, this type of light also treats acne quickly, connects capillaries and effectively soothes the skin.

Green Light Type

This type of light has a calming and soothing effect on the skin, eliminating lymph and preventing skin edema.
Besides, it also helps to stimulate acne breakouts, control oil glands and improve oily skin

Golden Light

With wavelength: 565~590nm, contributing to providing energy to skin cells, strengthening the immune system and resistance to healthy skin, restoring sensitive skin and improving pigmentation.

Purple Light

Wavelength: 380nm~420nm effectively treat acne, acne scars, tighten skin and promote cell metabolism.

Blue Light

Has anti-bacterial effect, improves red, sensitive skin. This light is used after removing acne kernels and treating skin allergies

Orange Light

With wavelength: 570nm to help stabilize nerves, stimulate collagen regeneration, and retain water for cells.

Flashing Light

The effect of flash light helps to fight wrinkles, improve pigmentation, even skin tone, good for treating the skin around the eyes.

Above are all of Miss Tram's shares about the types of biological light used in beauty, hope KTV/Students can master the knowledge and apply it successfully!

Refer: Some notes when using a bio-light machine

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