Effects of Collagen For Skin 1

Effects Of Collagen For The Skin

If you are a KTV Spa you must have heard about collagen with many outstanding benefits to help keep the skin healthy and beautiful. However, in order to UNDERSTAND - UNDERSTAND Collagen, KTV needs an article summarizing detailed knowledge. Let's Miss Tram Academy find out!

Uses of Collaen in beauty
Benefits of Collagen for skin

What Effect Does Collagen Have In Skin Beauty?

Collagen Concept

  • Is a protein that makes up 70% of the skin structure and makes up 25% of the total protein of the human body.
  • Distributed in the dermis with the function of connecting muscle tissue and stimulating the body's metabolism.
  • Collagen for the skin is seen and binds the cells under the skin to help the skin firm, smooth.
  • Over the years, the body will lose 1 - 1,5 amount of collagen in the body, leading to muscle areas starting to weaken, reducing tension, leading to signs of skin aging such as wrinkles, sagging, crow's feet. …

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Uses of Collagen For Skin

  • The first use can be mentioned is to help firm skin, shiny skin; Prevent the appearance of wrinkles in the forehead, eyes, mouth, neck ...
  • Prevents sagging, sagging, aging skin.
  • Collagen is also used in treatments to help treat acne, regenerate damaged skin, erase dark spots, melasma, freckles effectively.
  • Moisturizing helps dry rough skin become smooth, full of vitality.
  • In addition, collagen also helps to quickly heal scars, because collagen produces new cells that promote the recovery of skin damage and fade scars on the skin.

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With the great effects of Collagen on the skin, hopefully KTV will add it to his Spa knowledge manual and apply it successfully! View more categories Question and Answer Answer many questions from students in the beauty industry.

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