Uses of electrophoresis machine
The use of electrophoresis in the skin care process.

Learn About Electrophoresis Technology For Skin Care

Learn about the use of electrophoresis in the process of skin care

Currently, many spas are using electrophoresis in the skin care process, because many functions and uses contribute to the effectiveness of many treatments. To better understand the use of this machine as well as practical applications, let's go together Miss Tram Academy find out!

Uses of electrophoresis machine
The use of electrophoresis in the skin care process.

What Is Electrophoresis?

  • Electrophoresis is a method that uses direct current to put the essence/serum/collagen into the skin surface. Electrophoresis with polarization mechanism helps Deeply push skin nutrients into the dermis to help skin stay radiant.

Uses of Electrophoresis Machine During Skin Care

  • Electrophoresis helps customers Comprehensive skin care.
  • Customers will be Enjoy the feeling of each line of collagen/essence/serum penetrating into the facial skin. Using electrophoresis will help Remove freckles, help skin shine and full of vitality, ...

Is there any electrophoresis at Miss Tram?

  • Salmon DNA Electrophoresis It is a course chosen by many customers when coming to Miss Tram VietNam. This method has a "miracle" effect regenerate skin, bring white and pink skin, fade scars.
  • Running bird's nest essence electrophoresis - Perfect choice for sagging skin, in addition, the treatment also Moisturizes the skin without being greasy and removes dirt in the pores.
  • Electrophoresis course of Collagen - Vitamin C - Salmon DNA useful restore, whiten, even skin tone. This is an extreme treatment suitable for customers with dark skin aquí!

Hopefully this article will help KTV understand the use of electrophoresis as well as the procedures being applied at Miss Tram Academy. Good luck to the KTVs!

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