Uses of Biological Light Colors in Skin Treatment 2

Uses of Biological Light Colors in Skin Treatment

The use of types Biological light in skin care and treatment In beauty centers, spas are now very popular. Because of its powerful effects and very high safety. However, to make the best use of it, you need to understand the specific therapeutic uses of each light color.

So, this article Miss Tram Academy I will introduce you to some basic knowledge.

Learn the Uses of Biological Light Color in Skin Treatment

1. Bio-light beauty method

Is the use of Photodynamic (dynamic Photon technology) is a cold light created from LED light and does not generate heat, does not burn the skin. With this method will bring effective skin care and treatment without causing any side effects. It is often used in the treatment of acne, concave scars, anti-aging skin and other skin defects such as large pores, uneven skin tone,…

Effect of biological light color in skin treatment
Skin treatment with blue light

The biological light machine is designed according to led technology, with many colors from infrared to ultraviolet rays, the colors created have different strengths and weaknesses depending on the wavelength of each color from which to apply to different types of treatments and beauty treatments. However, these light colors have been adjusted to not be as harmful to the skin as the wavelengths from sunlight.

The bio-light machine is the perfect combination of two techniques of photomodulation of extremely powerful LEDs with extremely small currents and a combination of LEDs to perform many treatments. The device is designed to be suitable for all skin types on all areas of the body.

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2. The use of each color of biological light in skin treatment

Each color seen has its own wavelength from which it has different effects on the skin. Understanding the uses of each of these biological light colors will help you use them correctly and more appropriately in treatment.

Should you beautify your skin with biological light?
Treat skin with red light
  • Blue light (blue with 415nm wavelength): 

This is a cold, pure light with deep impact on the skin, providing a cool feeling when used. Blue light has anti-bacterial effect, tightens acne, tighten pores, reduce grease.

Note when treating skin with biological light

This type of light can be used for acne-prone skin as well as all skin types.

  • Red light (wavelength 630nm)

Red light has the effect of stimulating cells metabolism and accelerating skin regeneration and growth collagen under the skin while helping to increase blood circulation and blood circulation. Used for the purpose of treating jaundice, anti-aging.

Uses of biological light colors

This light can apply treatment to all skin types.

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  • Yellow light (590nm wavelength)

This type of light stimulates the lymphatic system, enhances immunity, restores and balances sensitive skin. Often used in the treatment of dark skin diseases or yellow-green skin.

Uses of biological light colors

The treatment range of yellow light is only suitable for combination skin.

  • Combined light (red + blue; red + yellow; blue + yellow; red + blue + yellow)

Combined light brings anti-wrinkle effect, slows down the aging process, improves skin pigmentation problems. Because these effects should be used to treat the area around the eyes will bring very high efficiency.

Combined light can be used as a treatment for all skin types.

3. Some notes when using biological light machine máy

Uses of Biological Light Colors in Skin Treatment 3

The use of biological light machines in beauty treatment has many effects on the skin and health of customers, therefore, you as a user and operator of the machine should have the following notes:

  • It is necessary to have a thorough knowledge of the machine and equipment structure, understand how to operate the machine, in addition, it is necessary to have beauty skills as well as many years of research and understanding of the skin as well as the symptoms that often appear.
  • Should not let a trainee who is apprenticed or does not understand the above knowledge should absolutely not operate the treatment machine for the client, because that can adjust the light level too strong or too weak or The wrong type of light needs treatment, which can have serious consequences.
  • The light machine needs to be regularly monitored to adjust the light level to suit the treatment process.
  • Before entering the treatment, it is necessary to clean as well as disinfect the personal hygiene in order to bring the best treatment effect and not cause other problems to the client.

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Above is some information about biological light colors in skin treatment as well as their uses. Hope with the information that Miss Tram Academy brought to will be useful for your work.

Miss Tram Academy always wants to provide you with useful information, so please regularly follow the articles in the column. Share blog to update your experience, knowledge or information.

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