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Today's Effective Skin Rejuvenation Lifting Technology

Along with problems such as skin disorders, skin aging, etc., which appear with age growth is the constant improvement of the high-tech beauty industry. Customers wishing to lift and rejuvenate the skin, Spas are also ready for appropriate treatment methods/technology. Miss Tram shared with our KTV about 3 effective technologies to overcome the above problems:

HifuS+ technology

learn about HifuS+ skin rejuvenation technology
HifuS+ skin rejuvenation technology

Using focused ultrasound waves through the skin surface with a heat of 60 - 70 degrees, impacting at a depth of 4,5mm brings effective:

- Remove wrinkles around the corners of the eyes, mouth, forehead, cheeks ... thanks to the ability to connect broken links, restructure new epidermal cells.

- Producing collagen and elastin to help skin stretch, naturally healthy.

- Lifting muscles, improving sagging skin, slimmer face, much younger.

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RF skin rejuvenation technology

RF skin rejuvenation technology
RF skin rejuvenation technology

Using RF waves (radio frequency waves) to affect the skin, helping to solve problems:

- Remove wrinkles, improve sagging skin, sagging very effectively.

The impact of RF waves will stimulate collagen production to increase elasticity, improve metabolism, and help skin look youthful and full of life.

– He lifts muscles, removes wrinkles with RF technology also contributes to V Line shaping, dissolving eye bags, double chin safely and effectively without being invasive.

Thermage technology

The most effective skin rejuvenation technology
Thermage technology

Using monopolar radio waves with temperatures from 40 to 50 impact on the epidermis, dermis and dermis to help the skin:

- Shrink pores, bright smooth, rich in vitality.

- Producing collagen to increase skin elasticity, improve skin structure from the inside.

- Improve wrinkles, lift muscles, slow down the aging process.

- Non-invasive, safe and effective, can be applied on face, body...

- FDA certified safe and effective.

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The above 3 technologies are very popular with women, each KTV has also drawn his own knowledge and experience about these procedures, right, anyone who wants to know more, please contact directly. for advice and answers!

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