Learn about IPL and Laser hair removal technology
Compare IPL and Laser hair removal technology.

The Difference Between IPL And Diode Laser Hair Removal Technology

Learn about IPL and Diode Laser Hair Removal Technology

Speaking of Hair Removal IPL and Diode Laser are considered the two most famous technologies in the treatment ofvi – oo – feather". So each method has pros and cons what? Please refer to KTV to advise customers with appropriate hair removal needs.

Learn about IPL and Laser hair removal technology
Compare IPL and Laser hair removal technology.

IPL hair removal technology

* Advantages:

  • Using a light beam with a wavelength of 640nm to 1200nm, creating a bandwidth of heating light to the surrounding tissues (not as selective as a Diode Laser).
  • Does not penetrate deep down to the root so structural areas of the hair are not destroyed.
  • The hair removal effect is only 75% chance of hair regrowth still there (but the amount of hair will be less).
  • The course of treatment needs to be done 15-20 times, each time 45-90 minutes depending on the treatment area.

* Defect

  • Skin burns or hyperpigmentation may occur with this procedure.
  • The treatment head emits pulses intermittently one by one, emitting a bright light, so it is necessary to wear glasses for the client to protect the eyes.
  • The cost of IPL technology is usually cheaper, because the efficiency is average, not really maximum efficiency.

Diode Laser hair removal technology:

* Advantages:

  • This is a method of permanent hair removal by light (808nm - 810nm light band), when fired into the skin, the heat emitted will affect the hair follicles and cause the hair to be destroyed.
  • The treatment head emits a soft, red light that does not cause glare or glare. The light is emitted continuously, keeping the uniformity and without interruption.
  • The cooling power of the sapphire head is <100 degrees Celsius, so it does not cause burning, can treat skin areas such as armpits, edges, face, bikini area ...
  • The treatment course ranges from 6 to 8 times, each time from 5 to 30 minutes depending on the body skin area.
  • Suitable for all skin types, does not cause pain, burning or hyperpigmentation.

***The treatment price is somewhat higher than IPL, because the benefits of Diode Laser hair removal are safe, effective, and longer lasting.

=> We just put these two technologies on top.”tablen” and have seen the PROS – DISADVANTAGES of each kind, hope Miss Tram Academy provided a good knowledge in the skin care industry for KTVs!

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