Before And After Sculpting Eyebrows For Oily Skin – Acne At Spa

Picture Of Eyebrow Sculpting Process For Customers With Oily Acne Skin.

Before: The customer's eyebrows are quite small with thin and pale eyebrows. Through the advice of experts at Miss Tram, Phuong decided to use natural fiber sculpting technology to overcome the shortcomings of her eyebrows.

However, because Phuong's skin is oily and acne-prone, during the process, Miss Tram's specialists had to pay close attention and focus more than usual because just a little distraction will easily lead to In case the ink is scattered, uneven, or not done carefully, the ink will quickly fade after sculpting.

Or: Under the skillful hands, and the dedication of the experts at Miss Tram, the guest has owned a golden ratio standard eyebrows as she wanted. Wish you always beautiful

Check out her pictures below!


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