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Share 4 Common Eyelash Extension Features KTVs Need To Know

This topic "Characteristics of different types of joints" is quite useful because this is a NEED condition that an KTV needs to be sure of in order to choose and advise accordingly to our guests.

The types of eyelash extensions that you often encounter on the market are manufactured from the main ingredient is Polymer - A form of plastic that is extracted from tree resin and ash of plants, through stages to produce each eyelash. that we use.

Features of Common Eyelash Extensions KTVs Need to Know

4 Common Eyelash Extension Features KTVs Need To Know

Eyelash extensions can be divided into 4 groups of common eyelash extensions for easy distinction as follows:

+ Mi Silk (silk, silk): soft, light, high-gloss lashes, but not black, but a bit blue, because the body of the eyelashes is smooth, it is a bit difficult to stick with the glue for those who are just learning to make eyelashes.

+ Mi Flat: This type of eyelashes is produced quite specifically and elaborately. When you cut across the lash, you will see that it is an ellipse. Because the body of the lash is not round, it is only for classic extensions, for thicker eyelashes than other types of eyelashes.

+ Mi Mink (mink lashes): Produced by mink fur, very natural but the thickness is uneven, the curvature is easily lost due to environmental impacts, for example, taking a hot shower in the rain is easy to do. lose its curvature and one thing to note is that this type of eyelashes is very allergic to those who are sensitive to animal hair.

+ Mi Faux Mink (Faux mink lashes): This type of eyelashes looks natural, almost similar to real eyelashes, but is harder than Mi Silk material, has a darker black color, the body of the eyelashes has a grainy texture, so it adheres well. So this type of eyelashes is quite popular in the market.

These are BASIC lash materials that anyone who is studying eyelashes, or working in the Mi industry should know to be flexible in the process of using them.

For more information, the popular courses (depending on your interests) to get started with the beauty industry are:

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