If you are wearing braces, can you spray your lips or not 1

Is it okay to spray lips while wearing braces?

||Question – Answer| Is it okay to spray lips while wearing braces?

I have braces when I spray lips

As we all know, BRACETS are one of the orthodontic methods to put the teeth in the right position, for balanced teeth, a brighter smile.
So when you are in the process of BRACETS and still want to perform lip cosmetic methods, can it be done or not?

The answer is CAN do.

Lip injection is the use of a sprayer with a micro-needle tip, with an ink bulb attached to it and gently performing manipulations on the epidermis of the skin. Non-invasive, minimizing damage to the lip skin.

HOWEVER, from the perspective of a Relative/sister/brother/friend..and to ensure Aesthetic results, it is recommended that everyone consider performing lip spray BEFORE or AFTER the braces are complete. all.

When braces, fixing and orthodontic treatment with braces can lead to misaligned teeth, not in the correct position, so lips are easily deformed and deviated. Shaping the lip shape at this time will be difficult to be as accurate as usual.

+ The problem of care and hygiene encountered many difficulties in the first days.

In some cases, improper care and maintenance puts the lips at risk of bacterial or fungal infection from the mouth.

Everyone remember, CAN do it, but it doesn't mean you should do it NOW AND ALWAYS. With the above reasons, Miss Tram hopes everyone considers carefully so that the result after beautifying is the best!

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