What should I do when I'm Spraying Lips Power Outage

What should I do when I'm Spraying Lips Power Outage

|Q&A| What Should I Do When I'm Spraying Lips During Power Outage?

What should I do when I'm Spraying Lips Power Outage

In the process of working, we will certainly have to be quick to handle "unexpected" cases that occur. And one of the interesting cases that #MissTramAcedamy received from a student sharing that there was a time when she was spraying lips for a customer but unfortunately the power went out, so I don't know what to do?

If you encounter this situation, you should not panic, calmly follow each of the following steps suggested by Miss Tram:

– Quickly use charged lamps to provide adequate light
– Use an electric tattoo sprayer to continue completing operations for customers

But another question arises: "What if the doer does not have a charged tattoo machine (or generator)?"

- Let's move on to the lip sculpting method to help complete the lips you are working on.

And the tip is that, currently on the market, there are many types of tattoo spraying machines with built-in electric charge mechanisms, according to Miss Tram to ensure the best, you should prepare well, so that the beauty process can be carried through. transparent for the customer's lips as desired.

Does anyone have any experience dealing with this case? Please share with Miss Tram right below this post!

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