Common types of eyebrow sculpting knives

How to Use Brow Sculpting Knives

To have beautiful eyebrow Sculpting results, the handle and the sculpting knife are two of the important tools that contribute no small amount. So do you know all about knives and how to use them effectively?

And Miss Tram Academy Find out in the following article!

Types of Eyebrow Sculpting Knives

The working mechanism of Eyebrow Sculpture is to use a small knife consisting of two blades: 01 head draws straight lines; 01 head draws curved lines to carve artificial eyebrows that intertwine with real eyebrows and put tattoo ink into the skin for sharper, more perfect eyebrows.

There are 2 types of eyebrow sculpting knives: FEMALE Knife , and Knife Knife, with the number of needles from 1,9,12,14,18.

Common types of eyebrow sculpting knives

How to Use Sculpting Knife Effectively

Round blade

Use first to create a soft strand at the tip of the brow, followed by the top and tail. While performing the request to move gently, flexibly, down the direction of the real eyebrow hair, and finally move on to carving yarn for the eyebrow part.

Slanted blade

After using the round knife, KTV uses the diagonal carving blade to go again from the beginning to the end of the eyebrow, to help the ink absorb evenly and limit the loss of fibers after peeling.

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Through this article, Miss Tram hopes that you have gained more useful knowledge about eyebrow sculpting knives as well as how to use them effectively. Good luck with your application!

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