Top Spa Teaching in Nghe An: Skin Care Profession, Cheap Quality Cosmetic Tattooing

Top 9+ Teaching Spas in Nghe An: Skin Care Profession, Cosmetic Tattooing

Spa is in the top of the most promising industries with the most stable income today. Therefore, it is not too difficult to understand when the number of young people studying this profession is increasing day by day.

If you have a passion for the beauty industry and are looking for a reputable and quality training address, do not ignore this article. List of spa training address famous in Nghe AnMiss Tram VietNam The introduction below will surely be useful information for you.

Spa Teaching in Nghe An: Skin Care Profession, Cosmetic Tattooing
Spa teaching skin care, prestigious cosmetic tattoo spray #1 Nghe An

Vocational Training Spa for Skin Care, Prestige Beauty Tattooing in Nghe An

1. Sang Moon Spa

Sang Moon Spa brings you the leading professional training programs in cosmetology. Combined with that is the curriculum is compiled methodically and meticulously.

  • Address: 21 Vo Thuc Dong, Ben Thuy, City. Vinh, Nghe An
  • Phone: 0975.783.604

2. Tien Spa Beauty Salon

With many years of experience in the beauty industry, Tien Spa Beauty Salon is the leading prestigious spa address in Nghe An. Thanks to the good training quality, as well as the meticulously compiled curriculum and friendly learning environment.

  • Address: 101 Chu Van An, Le Loi, City. Vinh, Nghe An
  • Phone: 0961.382.223

3. Mommy Spa

Mommy Spa is a beauty training address suitable for all subjects, because it has extremely cheap training costs.

  • Address: 7 Phung Chi Kien, Block 15, City. Vinh, Nghe An
  • Phone: 0899.959.997

4. Thanh Thanh Spa

Come to Thanh Thanh Spa, you will have direct contact with advanced and modern machinery and equipment, along with international standard curriculum.

  • Address: 25 Dam Van Le, Truong Thi, City. Vinh, Nghe An
  • Phone: 0944.952.343

5. Linh's Beauty Spa

There is a good training environment, quality training techniques and a team of experienced teachers Linh's Beauty Spa This is a trusted site for you.

  • Address: 18 Vo Thi Sau, Ben Thuy, City. Vinh, Nghe An
  • Phone: 0917.763.456

6. Mailisa beauty salon

Mailisa beauty salon is the "golden" address for you to put your trust. Mailisa always applies advanced and modern technologies from developed countries into the teaching process.

  • Address: No. 3 Ngu Hai, Quang Trung Ward, City. Vinh, Nghe An
  • Phone: 1900.0019

7. Hana Spa

Hana Spa is a name you should not ignore. With a team of highly qualified teachers with many years of professional experience, you will learn the best quality lessons here.

  • Address: 25 Dam Van Le, Truong Thi, City. Vinh, Nghe An
  • Phone: 0931.781.789

8. HB Spa

HB Spa is one of the training institutions chosen by many young people. Because this place not only owns modern equipment, but also has a team of teachers with many years of teaching experience.

  • Address: Ha Huy Tap, City. Vinh, Nghe An
  • Phone: 0986.340.240

9. Huyen Trang Spa

Huyen Trang Spa is also one of the great choices for you. Studying here, you will have up to 80% of the time to practice on real models to improve your skills.

  • Address: 161 Nguyen Van Cu, Hung Binh, City. Vinh, Nghe An
  • Phone: 0386.536.999

10. Thu Cuc Clinic

Highly skilled lecturers, methodical curriculum, modern equipment, friendly learning environment are the outstanding advantages of the courses at the university. Thu Cuc Clinic.

  • Address: No. 59 Nguyen Sy Sach, Hung Binh, City. Vinh, Nghe An
  • Phone: 1900.558.896

11. Eva Spa

Courses in Eva Spa always innovate and apply the most advanced technology in the teaching process, in order to bring the best results for students.

  • Address: 134A Le Hong Phong Street, Truong Thi, City. Vinh, Nghe An
  • Phone: (023) .8397.9186

12. Amia Beauty Center

Study at Amia Beauty Center You not only have access to many advanced and modern techniques. Besides, you can also study with the leading cosmetologists in Vietnam today.

  • Address: 39A Le Hong Phong Street, Hung Binh, City. Vinh, Nghe An
  • Phone: 0917.203.333

13. Rosa Spa

Having many years in the beauty industry, Rosa Spa It will definitely be the perfect choice for you. Not only will you learn specialized knowledge, you will also be trained in other practical knowledge.

  • Address: 137 Nguyen Van Cu, Hung Binh, City. Vinh, Nghe An
  • Phone: 0981.201.333

14. Dong A Beauty Salon

With modern machinery system, good, enthusiastic and friendly teachers at East Asia beauty salon will help young people conquer their passion for cosmetology.

  • Address: No. 148 Nguyen Van Cu, Hung Binh, City. Vinh, Nghe An
  • Phone: 0962.778.866

15. Bich Hao Beauty Salon

Bich Hao Beauty Salon is a prestigious spa teaching address in Bac Lieu that is chosen by many people because of its good training quality and low cost.

  • Address: 79 Dang Thai Mai, Hung Dong, City. Vinh, Nghe An
  • Phone: (023) .8385.2284

DORI Beauty Cosmetics

Prestigious skin care training institute in Nam Dinh

In the midst of the current "underground school - fake degree" matrix, for those of you who have the desire to learn the profession of cosmetic tattoo spray, if you don't learn carefully, it will be easy to be "caught" in. So based on what criteria to be able to choose a reputable cosmetic tattoo school? That is:

  • Professional training environment.
  • The curriculum framework develops equally between theoretical knowledge and practice.
  • Modern, spacious and modern facilities.
  • Make sure you have enough learning materials.
  • A team of dedicated, professional, experienced teachers.
  • The training curriculum is fully compiled, thorough and, importantly, easy to understand.
  • Legal and valid professional certificates.

Please refer to the article Experience choosing a prestigious spa training place to better understand these criteria.

spa training in cosmetic tattooing in nam Dinh

However, today not everyone with a passion can pursue it. Because among them, there are still many people who have passion but face difficulties such as limited time and financial capacity, so they cannot attend classes directly at the center. Because of understanding those difficulties, Miss Tram has brought you an online cosmetic tattoo spray course.

This course not only closes the distance between students and lecturers, but also brings knowledge to those who have a passion for the profession. When choosing Miss Tram's online cosmetic tattooing course, you will learn important knowledge such as:

  • Comprehensive knowledge base from basic to advanced of a professional cosmetologist.
  • Mastering the types of numbing, ink brands, tools, ... on the market with beautiful standard color formulas, handling cases where customers have done it damaged or not satisfied.
  • How to choose the right spray method and color for each eyebrow shape, lip color, eyelid for customers.
  • In particular, when you register for Miss Tram's online cosmetic tattooing course, you will be given a study account VIP. Here, you have the right to participate in all courses such as skin care, cosmetic tattoo spray, makeup, nails, ... of internal Miss Tram Academy.
  • Along with that, participating in Miss Tram's online cosmetic tattooing course, you will not only get the Master Dong Bao Tram direct teaching. There are also a large number of instructors with professional experience and pedagogical skills to guide you.

Online cosmetic tattoo spray course

Miss Tram's online cosmetic tattoo spray course brings super benefits such as:

  • The study time is flexible, so students can choose their own schedule according to the time they want.
  • For those of you who do not have enough tuition fees, Miss Tram's online cosmetic tattooing course will help solve this dilemma.
  • The curriculum at Miss Tram is compiled with international standards in 3 languages ​​including: English, Vietnamese and Chinese. Meticulously compiled, clear, easy to learn, easy to understand, easy to remember and most importantly easy to practice.
  • After completing the course, 100% of students will have a stable job with a "terrible" income.
  • In particular, when students have entered the profession, the Center will regularly update the latest knowledge to improve their skills at absolutely no extra charge.

If you have a passion for the profession, and are interested in Miss Tram's course, please find out more details about the course at ONLINE COSMETIC SPRAY COURSE most recently updated.

Above is a list of vocational training institutions for skin care and cosmetic tattooing in Nghe An that Miss Tram has sent to you. Hope you will choose a suitable training place for yourself.

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