Teaching Tattoo Spraying, Eyelid Sculpting Each Subject on Demand 6

Teaching Tattoo Spraying, Eyelid Sculpting Each Subject On Demand

(Learning about eyelid tattooing - Sculpting eyelids) – You are owning a skin care spa and want to open more tattoo and sculpting services or simply you are interested and want to choose a job. Spray cosmetic tattooing Is a profession in the future? So contact Miss Tram immediately for specific advice on the course of eyelid tattooing - Eyelid Sculpting.

You want to learn to find a course on Tattooing, eyelid sculpting from basic to advanced.

You have learned the full package of cosmetic tattooing for eyebrows - lips - eyelids, but still weak in eyelid spraying technique, so you want to improve your skills.

You are looking for a place to teach injection, eyelid sculpting on demand, but are in a difficult position when most centers/schools only provide package training.

Meeting your wishes, Miss Tram Academy offers tattoo spray training, eyelid sculpting on demand - commitment to output quality.

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Vocational Training for Tattooing, Eyelid Sculpting on Demand in Ho Chi Minh City

As a long-term cosmetology-beauty training institution with thousands of graduates graduating from cosmetic tattooing, skin care and treatment every year, Miss Tram Academy has contributed to providing good human resources for the domestic market. and also abroad.

Understanding the diverse vocational needs of students in the field of cosmetic tattooing, Miss Tram Academy offers a vocational course in tattooing, eyelid sculpting as required. Thereby creating conditions for students who need to focus on this field, saving time and money compared to having to register for package courses.

The topics of training in tattooing and eyelid sculpting are of interest:

  • Common eye line types.
  • General theoretical knowledge about tattooing, eyelid sculpting: concepts, objects of application, frequently asked questions...
  • Method of drawing eyelids.
  • The necessary tools and tools to learn tattooing and eyelid sculpting.
  • Safety and hygiene at work.
  • How to mix eyelid ink color without turning blue.
  • The technique of using anesthesia to avoid damage to the eye area.
  • Standard procedure when tattooing and sculpting eyelids.
  • Eyelid correction technique has been blue.
  • Eyelid technique.
  • Eyelid design according to each eye shape.
  • Techniques of tattooing and sculpting eyelids:
    • Spray natural eyelids.
    • Spray water eyelids (spray eyelids with tails).
    • Spray eyelid technique micro-touch.
    • Spray open eyelids.
    • Spray upper/lower eyelids.
    • Spray eyelids according to feng shui.
    • Spray natural eyelids in a cat-eye style.

Besides the above specialties, it depends on your own orientation Students can propose other topics according to their wishes. Miss Tram Academy will be based on the students' wishes, knowledge base and career requirements to advise the appropriate study path.

Tuition fees for the course of tattooing and eyelid sculpting are also determined based on the type of subject, the number of subjects and the duration of the study.

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Benefits When Learning Tattoo Spraying, Eyelid Sculpting On Demand At Miss Tram Academy

Miss Tram Academy has more than 20 years of experience in eyebrow-eye-lip tattoo training. With an understanding of cosmetic tattooing knowledge and the market's requirements for this profession, Miss Tram is committed to providing high-quality custom tattoo and eyelid sculpting courses - creating conditions for students to develop. in its own direction.

Choose Miss Tram Academy, what do students get?

  • Being "hands-on" by a team of instructors who are experts in cosmetic tattooing with highly specialized knowledge and extensive experience. Instructors have experience working in many environments to teach students highly applicable knowledge.
  • Learning theory and practice in parallel, practice accounts for 80% of the time, learn until you practice, practice until students can do it.
  • Practice tattooing, sculpting eyelids on real samples (the model is sponsored by Miss Tram).
  • The practice room for tattooing and eyelid sculpting is like a practical workspace, fully equipped with high-tech machinery and equipment for students to practice their best skills.
  • The curriculum is subject to thematic and highly applicable; design with many languages ​​(Vietnamese, English, Chinese).
  • A harmonious and friendly learning environment: lecturer - lecturer, lecturer - student, student - student.
  • Miss Tram Academy supports many valuable scholarships for students participating in the tattoo spray and eyelid sculpting course as required.
  • No entrance exam required, the registration process is simple, flexible and time-saving.
  • Professional career counseling, job placement after graduation.
  • Affordable tuition fees, often with great deals at the beginning of the month, Tet holidays... (updated information on Miss Tram's fanpage and website).

With a course of tattooing and eyelid sculpting on demand, Miss Tram Academy has helped students to easily develop in the desired profession.

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Training quality of Miss Tram VietNam has been confirmed by the success of thousands of graduates (who are big spa owners, good tattoo artists…) - contributing to bringing high quality human resources to the market.

Recently, the information about Specialty Eyelid Sculpting and Tattooing Course according to Love Bridge of Miss Tram Academy. Any questions related to the required beauty training courses, please Contact Miss Tram Academy for professional advice.

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