What's the Cause of Lip Tattoo Ink Allergy 2

What's the Cause of Lip Tattoo Ink Allergy?

|Question – Answer|| What's the Cause of Lip Tattoo Ink Allergy?

What's the Cause of Lip Tattoo Ink Allergy 3

A customer sent a question with your picture to Miss Tram in a very worried mood because she was ALLERGY to LIP TEXTILE INK with the following phenomena:

– After lip spray is finished, young skin often peels off when exposed to water such as when brushing teeth, eating hot food or just taking a shower… Although having been treated at a tattoo parlor before, it still remains until now. not helped.

+ Miss Tram's specialist contacted immediately to reassure and invite her to the center for more specific examination and consultation.

+ This case is called contact dermatitis, in which allergic dermatitis is an ingredient in lip spray ink.

There are a few reasons leading to this situation: because the tattoo ink tools are not sterile, the tattooing process is not medically hygienic. Or using a tattoo needle for someone before, the skin is allergic to the tattoo tool and also because the quality of tattoo ink is not guaranteed.

+ To avoid this unfortunate situation from happening, Miss Tram has a few general tips for you as follows:

+ Learn carefully and choose a reputable cosmetic facility, don't be "cheap" but choose a poor quality place lest you "lose money"

+ Make sure tattoo spray tools at the beauty salon must be cleaned and disinfected before implementation

After completing the beauty process, it is necessary to have a reasonable diet and rest to avoid bacteria invasion during the skin recovery process.

If your skin is sensitive or allergic to chemicals, you should get permission from your doctor before deciding to go for tattooing.

Choosing cosmetic methods to make yourself more confident and beautiful is absolutely the right thing to do. So Miss Tram hopes, each of us should be very wise in choosing a place to "send" our beauty so that it is both BEAUTIFUL AND SAFE!

Don't hesitate, call HOTLINE 1900 7018 for advice on all your questions about the service.

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