Where To Learn Tattoo Spraying While Working With Salary In HCM 3

Where To Learn Tattoo Spraying While Working With Salary In HCM

With a growing life, women and even men are more interested in beauty. In particular, cosmetic tattoo spray is one of the services that many people favorably choose. Because these are simple beauty methods but help create a big highlight on the face. Because of those needs, cosmetic tattooing is currently a very promising profession with stable job opportunities and high income. 

However, to become a professional tattoo technician, you need to choose to study at a reputable center to ensure the quality of training. So, how to choose a training center? Should you study and work at the same time to improve your skills? And Miss Tram Academy Please clarify this issue.

The address where you can learn to spray tattoo while working with salary in HCM

How is the Form of Learning to Spray Tattoos and Work at the same time?

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Currently, there are many spas/beauty salons that recruit students to spray tattoo in the form of learning by doing. That is, the trainees have been trained and practiced (as an employee) right at those beauty salons with very low tuition fees, even free of tuition fees. 

In addition, those institutions also offer attractive policies during the learning process such as working conditions, support for meals, accommodation or salary support for students. Therefore, many young people often see this as a "golden opportunity" to learn tattooing and future professional development.

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Is it really beneficial to learn how to spray tattoo while doing it?

Learning tattoo spray in the form of studying by doing has many immediate benefits such as: having the opportunity to practice a lot, reducing tuition fees and being able to accumulate experience. However, this form has many downsides such as:

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  • There is a binding contract: Usually courses in this form will have a contract to bind on time as well as the opportunity to work at other institutions. Students studying here are often "treated" as an employee rather than a student.
  • Length of apprenticeship: This form does not focus on learning, so the learning time is often long. 
  • Neither study nor focus on doing: In addition, students are taught in the form of jobs based on experience, so they are not guaranteed to follow the technical standards of the tattoo industry. Therefore, after the course, students have low professional knowledge, skills are not stable. 
  • Low salary and few benefits: Because of the apprenticeship model, the job is not clear, in charge of many errands and the salary is not high.
  • Vocational certificates are not granted: Studying in this form will not be granted a vocational certificate. This is a barrier for students to apply for jobs at reputable spa and beauty salons.

Therefore, the form of learning by doing has more disadvantages than what it brings. If you intend to become a professional tattoo technician, without spending too much time and money, you should choose reputable vocational training addresses. There, you will be fully trained in the knowledge and standard skills of tattooing as well as fully prepared for your career.

+ Note: Income from Cosmetic Tattooing

The Benefits of Learning Tattoo Spraying and Sculpting at Miss Tram Academy 

while studying tattooing and getting paid

Miss Tram Academy is a training center with nearly 20 years of experience in the field of beauty. Over the years, Miss Tram has built a team of professional, experienced and best pedagogical teachers. Ensure to convey tattooing knowledge in detail and easy to understand for each student.

In addition, with high professional competence and passion for the profession, the Miss Tram Academy team always meticulously elaborates each course, closely follows the capacity of each student to bring the highest quality of teaching to each lesson. .

while studying tattooing and getting paid

The benefits of participating in embroidery and sculpture courses at Miss Tram Academy:

  • The curriculum is compiled and continuously updated by leading experts. Ensure high applicability and keep abreast of new technologies and trends in the industry.
  • Be trained by a team of professional instructors with close competence and share know-how in the profession. 
  • Guided – with hands-on practice (free sample funding).
  • Guaranteed professional proficiency after the course.
  • Supported accommodation (clean, comfortable and spacious dormitory) if students are far away.
  • Open classes on demand: Accelerated learning, Group learning, Online learning, ...
  • Full set of machines and tools are given throughout the course.
  • Received other beauty courses such as eyelash extensions, skin care techniques, nipple spray, etc.
  • Have the opportunity to receive a scholarship of up to 30 million VND and work officially at Miss Tram - MissTram Natural Beauty Center.
  • After the course, students can take the final exam to get a full-time practicing certificate – a certificate valid nationally and for life. Miss Tram also supports international degrees for students who want to work abroad.

Always confident with the quality of teaching. Students attending Miss Tram Academy are committed to output, 100% solid skills, confidently apply or open their own spa. So get in touch with Miss Tram Academy for more information on study routes.

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The profession of tattooing and cosmetic sculpting is not a difficult profession but requires diligence, inquisitiveness and the will to strive. Each package course lasts only a few months, so you need to focus on learning to ensure you master the knowledge and standard practice skills. Thus, after the course, you will be confident enough to go further with the profession.

While studying and working at the same time has many early benefits, it greatly affects future career opportunities. So think carefully before choosing. Hope this article will be useful to you. Wish you always success with Cosmetic tattooing profession!

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