Before And After The Results Of Posing And Sculpting Eyebrows For Customers

Before And After Comparison Photos And Sculpting And Sculpting Eyebrows For Customers At Spa.

Before: Found that sparse eyebrows, pale color and no clear mold khuôn will affect to some extent on the overall face. The customer decided to seek the help of natural fiber sculpting method - one of the eyebrow cosmetic methods that is creating a "hot fever" in the beauty community of Miss Tram and the world today. 

Or: Her eyebrows are skillfully reshaped by experts according to the golden ratio, and each strand is also meticulously engraved on the skin, intertwined with the old eyebrows so that it is the most natural. 

And below is the result of the whole Team after completing it. Let's watch with Miss Tram now! 

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