List Common Mistakes In Eyebrow Sculpture 2

List Common Mistakes In Eyebrow Sculpting

List Common Mistakes In Eyebrow Sculpting

ERRORS IN EYE FIRE, not a new topic, but still a lot of students and artists receive questions and answers with Miss Tram Academy on this topic.

Sculpting is the most advanced method today to improve the weakness on the eyebrows. However, there are many cases where customers are not satisfied with the results. Why Unsatisfied customers? What errors did the experts encounter? Here are some errors Miss Tram listed first for everyone's reference:

List Common Mistakes In Eyebrow Sculpture 3

1. Choose the wrong eyebrow shape

There are many different face types and depending on the face of each person, choosing the right eyebrow shape. That said, it's not that simple, is it? Not every customer with a square face is square, a customer with a round face is exactly round, …

But this error is encountered in 03 typical cases:

▪️ In the case of newcomers, everyone must meet, without experience in drawing many faces. This is a very normal thing for newbies, and just calmly observe as many faces as possible, ask a lot of friends and relatives as models to practice drawing eyebrows (Only choose the shape and draw it). Please feel free to share your results to receive suggestions from teachers and industry colleagues.

▪️ This remaining case is Miss Tram realized when listening to people share questions, the error immediately encountered the basic knowledge you were trained. To overcome, you should boldly find standard documents to read, learn from experienced teachers and brothers and sisters in the profession to refine your standard knowledge.

▪️ laziness to practice. There are still a lot of people who have a reputation for meeting good teachers and good books, but they think they can do it like that or something. Lazy to practice, so struggling forever but still can't choose the right eyebrow shape for his guests. This case is real and a lot, not a joke. If anyone asks Miss Tram how to fix it, please answer: There is NO OTHER WAY FOR YOU IF YOU DON'T LESS laziness, laziness.

2. Can't format the shape of the eyebrows

Once you have chosen the right eyebrow shape, the shaping of that eyebrow style is also very important. If your hand is too light, or the path is not definitive, not sharp, the eyebrow frame will not be clear. And can make the eyebrows not harmonious. There's no other way, let's PRACTICE – SHARE – LISTEN – PRACTICE AGAIN – SHARE again – AND LISTEN – AND PRACTICE AGAIN – PRACTICE EVERYTHING.

3. Uneven eyebrows

The very important step in eyebrow sculpting is the step of choosing the eyebrow color. In many cases, after finishing, there is a phenomenon that the eyebrow color is smudged, not clear, not sharp, or there are cases where the two eyebrows are uneven in color. Usually caused by:

  • Equipment technology is old.
  • Use poor quality ink.
  • Your skills are not high.

Check out the list, everyone find a way to fix it.

4. Misaligned eyebrows

To sculpt beautiful eyebrows, depends on many factors, but the most important is your skill. It requires dexterity, meticulousness of the hand and good knowledge of the profession. The only fix: PRACTICE – SHARE – LISTEN – PRACTICE AGAIN – SHARE – AND LISTEN – AND PRACTICE AGAIN – PRACTICE EVERYTHING

Miss Tram has just recounted the 4 most common mistakes in the process of sculpting eyebrows. Everyone consult and contribute their own cases to learn together.

Good luck to everyone studying. And don't forget to send Q&A back to Miss Tram.

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