List The Treatments Needed Using Laser Machine

What is a Laser Machine? Treatments Needed Using Laser Machine.

Using Laser in Beauty is being widely popularized, because this is a solution with the principle of breaking down melanin pigments, acne-causing bacteria, foreign bodies left in the skin, etc., bringing unexpected effects. So do the "rookie" students know which procedure Laser is used in? Let Miss Tram help you get "all" information on this topic!

Laser stands for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation - is the amplification of light by radiation, this type of light carries a high energy source, affecting the body without leaving sequelae.

Some procedures/services using laser machines such as:

- Treatment of acne, pitted scars

- Treatment of melasma - freckles

– Tattoo removal

- Waxxing

– Facelift – Skin rejuvenation
- ...

Laser technology is widely applied in Spa and brings positive results after only 1 use, depending on each treatment, there will be different wavelengths:

– Wavelength 1064mm: affects pigments in the dermis and dermis without causing damage to the skin

- 1320nm wavelength: helps to shrink pores, remove pop blackhead, tighten and whiten skin, help skin rejuvenation, remove wrinkles.

– 755nm wavelength: this type of wave captures color extremely well, used to treat melasma, remove color tattoos and improve skin pigmentation (wavelengths of 1064nm and 532nm can hardly do this)

- Wavelength 532nm: helps to remove freckles, remove eyebrow tattoo, lip tattoo, but 532nm wavelength is easy to cause tissue peeling, tissue damage, some cases may leave scars so KTV needs to pay attention when performing present.

With the above sharing, KTVs, Students have pocketed very important knowledge in the treatment - intensive skin care, wish you successful application!

Refer: Skincare Treatment & Cosmetic Dermatology Training Course

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