Important Points in the Technique of Ombre Micro-Touch Eyebrow 1

Important Points In Micro-Touch Ombre Technique

What is the most important point in the technique of ombre eyebrow micro-touch?

Ombre technique for micro-touch eyebrows It is one of the modern beauty trends that many women love. Spraying Ombre eyebrows will ensure to give customers eyebrows with slender but harmonious and natural lines. However, when implementing this technique, you need to keep a few important points in mind to give your clients the most perfect results.

What is the technique of eyebrow spray Ombre micro-touch?

Learn the technique of ombre eyebrows micro-touch beads
Learn the technique of ombre eyebrows micro-touch beads

Ombre eyebrow spray is inspired by the art of color mixing in the design industry with the transition from light to dark for a natural and harmonious look. Ombre eyebrow spray has become one of the most loved trends in the beauty industry, because as many people comment this method helps eyebrows achieve a natural level with a not-too-hard brow line.

After much research and improvement, we have received another modern eyebrow spray technology combined with the famous Ombre technique. That is the Ombre eyebrow spray with micro-touch particles. This method uses a specialized embroidery machine, applies ink according to Ombre technique on the eyebrow body, and outlines the eyebrow frame and eyebrow in a micro-touch way (1 point).

After applying this method, you will have the following characteristics:

  • The inside of the eyebrow mold and the eyebrow tail is covered with a thin and smooth powder, giving the eyebrows a gentle and elegant look
  • The micro-touch effect makes the brow line and brow look natural
  • The eyebrow shape is gentle, looking at it feels like real eyebrows

What should we pay attention to when spraying Ombre micro-touch?

Just like other eyebrow embroidery techniques, when conducting micro-touch Ombre eyebrow spray for customers, KTVs should note the following contents:

  1. Assess the client's eyebrows and facial proportions

Eyebrows determine 80% of the facial contours, so just "wrong one inch" you can lead to the result "walking a mile". Therefore, if you receive a request for eyebrow spray from a customer, first of all, let's sit down, analyze the contours of the customer's face and advise them on the most suitable eyebrow shape. Interacting with customers, listening to their wishes will help you know what you should do.

Based on the shape of the guest's face, we will adjust the eyebrow ratio, choose an eyebrow shape that can enhance their beauty as well as fit in anthropology. In addition, when shaping eyebrows, focus on doing it with definitive lines, creating the most standard eyebrow shape. With that, in the process of spraying embroidery we will be more convenient.

Some notes when spraying Ombre micro-touch eyebrows
Some notes when spraying Ombre micro-touch eyebrows
  1. Inkjet ink color consultation

Not every client is suitable for a certain eyebrow shape, and so is the ink color. Depending on the age, skin color, hair color of each person, we will choose appropriately. You should not let customers follow the trend and decide the ink color is not suitable for you. Instead, give dedicated advice, helping customers know the color tone for them.

  1. Anesthesia treatment before spraying

You need to master the technique of anesthesia to make the client more comfortable during the procedure. Although Ombre eyebrow spray micro-touch beads only gently needles on the epidermal skin, but if treated with anesthesia first, customers will be more secure and this will help you perform the spray smoothly.

Anesthesia before spraying
Anesthesia before spraying
  1. Eyebrow spray technique

Ombre eyebrow spray, the operator needs to be sure, each step of the needle must be meticulous and have a reasonable alignment. You must not go invasive out of the defined eyebrow area, and we will apply a straight spray, spray in the direction of the eyebrow, spray in a spiral according to the technical steps.

As with other eyebrow spraying techniques, when holding the sprayer, it must be very steady, making the needle tip perpendicular to the skin surface, thus significantly reducing pain and swelling after spraying.

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Here are some basic tips when doing it Ombre micro-touch eyebrow spray technique. In the process of studying at Miss Tram Academy, experts will carefully guide the operation steps, as well as share experiences to limit errors and overcome the situations you encounter.

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