Before And After Eyebrow Sculpting Fixing Messy Ingrown Eyebrows

Actual Results Image Of The Process Of Overcoming Ingrown Eyebrow Yarns By Thread Sculpting Method.

Before: This customer's natural eyebrows have a shape, but it is not really clear, the growing eyebrows are a bit messy.

Or: So when she came to Miss Tram Spa, she was determined by the expert to clearly define the mold for her eyebrows, and at the same time, she used the technology of Sculpting yarn to help her eyebrows become clear while still keeping the naturalness of the hair. you real. 

Eyebrow sculpting is the most advanced method of eyebrow beautification today, using a special engraving knife to put tattoo ink on the skin, giving you PERFECT and NATURAL BEAUTIFUL eyebrows. 

Check out her actual results below!

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