Before And After Sculpting European Standard 9D Scary Eyebrows

Comparison of Before and After Image Results Before and After Customers Sculpting Eyebrows with 9D Threads at Miss Tram

Before: This sociable customer has eyebrows that have been cut off at the tail end, the eyebrows do not grow properly, the eyebrow shape cannot be determined.

Or: After listening to clear advice about your condition as well as the types of eyebrows that are suitable, the customer chooses European standard 9D thread sculpting technique because I want to look like you after doing it, really, with eyebrows.

As a result, she got the eyebrows she wanted, with the eyebrow shape created according to the golden ratio of the face, the eyebrows were made by the technician very thin and natural.

Check out her before and after pictures below:

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