Before And After Sculpting Eyebrows and Scars for Men

Image of Result of Eyebrow Spraying and Scar Covering for Men at Miss Tram

Before: The customer has a large scar right in the eyebrow area. He came to Miss Tram with the desire to find a solution to cover the big scar. 

Or: After examining and studying the British situation. Miss Tram advised him on the method of sculpting his eyebrows. The technology of eyebrow sculpture at Miss Tram is the most advanced technology today, originating from Europe and technology transferred by Miss Tram to Vietnam.

With a specialized micro-knife sculpting device, each eyebrow after being made at every angle achieves a natural smoothness, small, curved and soft like a real eyebrow, helping him to cover the initial scar.

See photos before and after coming to Miss Tram below:

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