Before And After Shaping The Right Eyebrows For Men With Sculpting Technology

Actual Image Results The method of eyebrow sculpting with yarn to create a masculine standard eyebrow shape.

Before: It can be seen that the current eyebrows of this male customer are a bit pale, so they have not created a highlight on the face.

Or: After talking with experts at Miss Tram Spa, I immediately chose the method of Sculpting eyebrows with yarn to overcome the disadvantages of my eyebrows. The reason he chooses Sculpture instead of other beauty methods is because each eyebrow is meticulously engraved by the expert on the skin, interwoven with real eyebrows by a specialized carving knife to keep the inherent natural features.

The outstanding advantage of this method not only makes him feel satisfied, but it is also the choice of most "men" when coming to Miss Tram to refurbish his eyebrows.

Let's take a closer look at the pictures of his eyebrows right below! 


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