Before And After Fiber Sculpting – Spraying Powder Combined with Ombre To Cover Scars For Customers

Before and After Pictures of Fiber Laser Sculpting – Spraying Powder Combined with Ombre Covering Scars for Customers

Before: Looking at the face of this customer, you can see that the defect on the face is the horizontal scar that makes her eyebrows no longer beautiful, the eyebrows are also sparse and pale. This is the reason she chose to come to Miss Tram to get expert advice and fix her eyebrows. 

Or: In this case, the scarred eyebrow will be handled skillfully by spraying powder with ombre. Meanwhile, the expert also skillfully carves each eyebrow meticulously at the beginning so that you can get the most uniform and natural eyebrows. 

Check out the results of Miss Tram's performance for the customer below!

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