Before And After Posing And Sculpting Eyebrows Floating Yarn

Actual Results Image The Process of Styling and Sculpting Eyebrows with the Golden Ratio.

Before: It can be seen that the customer's eyebrows are a bit high compared to the eyes and the eyebrow shape is not really in harmony with the face. So, she asked for the "help" of Team Miss Tram to make her eyebrows more colorful. 

Or: Through the process of examination and consultation, the experts at Miss Tram Natural Beauty Center embarked on reshaping the shape of the eyebrows and choosing a natural fiber sculpting method to overcome all your disadvantages. old. Her new eyebrows have a clear mold, in harmony with the face. Moreover, each eyebrow is meticulously sculpted to always bring the most natural look. 

Take a look at the results with Miss Tram after completing the eyebrow sculpting process below!


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