Before And After The Queen's Eyebrow Sculpting Results For Women

Before And After Pictures Queen Eyebrow Sculpture Results For Women Cho

Before: It can be seen that the first part of this customer's eyebrows is quite small and few fibers, while the eyebrows at the tail are arranged "messy" making the eyebrows look not really suitable. This is also the reason this guest came to Miss Tram.

Or: Through researching and receiving advice from #TeamMissTram, the method of eyebrow sculpting using Queen ink - an organic ink line with 100% natural ingredients was chosen by her. With this method, the expert will skillfully carve each eyebrow into the skin, interwoven with natural eyebrows to create the most beautiful and perfect new eyebrows. 

The result of the new eyebrows after completion really convinced her. Take a look at the pictures with Miss Tram right below!

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