Before And After Correction of Eyebrows Sculpting Errors – 9D

Before And After Pictures Of Eyebrows Correction Error Sculpting – 9D . Fiber Compass Sculpting

Before: The male customer has a bright, easy-to-see face, but his eyebrows are a bit short, small, and not thick. Therefore, he went to Miss Tram for advice and help.

Or: When coming to Miss Tram Aesthetics, I was advised by #TeamMissTram about a new eyebrow shape for men with the golden ratio of the face. Then, meticulously sculpted, sharp eyebrows intertwine with his real eyebrows.

As a result, he now has a new pair of eyebrows that are very masculine, stylish, standard with a strong male character. He was very satisfied and gave many compliments to Miss Tram.

Thank you for trusting Miss Tram's service!

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