Before And After Eyebrow Sculpting Combined with Eyelid Spray

Before And After Pictures Of Eyebrow Sculpting Combined With Eyelid Spray Hợp

Before: Who says you don't need to be beautiful when you're old? Like this rather special female guest, she came to Miss Tram, although she was U50, she still paid attention to her appearance and took care of herself. She found her eyebrows pale, moreover, her eyes were quite small, so her face lacked emphasis. And she decided to come Miss Tram VietNam.

Or: After being carefully consulted by the #TeamMissTram team, she decided to choose the method of sculpting eyebrows combined with eyelid spray. In less than 2 hours, she has changed her face a lot, she looks younger, her face has accents, and has a lot more vitality.

Thank you for letting Miss Tram have the opportunity to beautify her, wish her good health and love her life!

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