Before And After Treatment of Red Eyebrow - Natural Fiber Brow Sculpting

Before and After Pictures of Red Eyebrow Treatment – ​​Natural Fiber Brow Sculpture

The old methods of making eyebrows before, after a while, the ink is prone to color, causing many women a headache to find a remedy. The number of cases coming to Miss Tram to handle the old man is also increasing day by day.

Before: This lady is one of those guests. In the past, I also sculpted eyebrows, but over time, they turned red. Therefore, she decided to go to Miss Tram to handle the old eyebrow and sculpt the new eyebrow for herself.

Or: After thinking for a while, #TeamMisstram also came up with a solution that Miss Tram will process the old ink color with a laser, then proceed to shape the eyebrows and sculpt a new eyebrow for her. With that, the new eyebrow after sculpting is clear, the ink color after sculpting is not affected by the old ink color.

Let's take a look at the new eyebrows of the customer after they have treated the old ink color and sculpted the new eyebrows as natural as you are.

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