Before And After Sculpting Head And Spraying Eyebrow Powder

Refer to the Actual Image of the Old Eyebrow Treatment Process, Refresh the Eyebrows by Sculpting the Head and Spraying the Powder for the Tail.

Before: Realizing her old eyebrows changed color, pale and no longer suitable, the customer went to Miss Tram Natural Beauty Center for advice, hoping to overcome these disadvantages.

Or: After the examination, Miss Tram's expert suggested to her to correct her eyebrow shape by a combination of both methods. Sculpture of natural fibers , and Spray powder for the tail of the eyebrow. This method will help her new eyebrows have each very clear eyebrow at the beginning and the tail is smooth as if it is being skillfully drawn. In addition, the use of the queen ink line will help the eyebrows to adhere to the color quickly and limit the coloration later. 

Let's take a look at her new eyebrow image below! 


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