Before And After Treatment Of Acne With Fractional CO2 Laser Technology

Image of Results After Treating Acne With Fractional CO2 Laser Technology.

Before: During puberty, hormonal changes increase the appearance of acne. Without proper treatment, it will easily lead to dark spots that are difficult to treat later. So did this young guest also, the remaining acne spots and many bruises make children lose confidence when communicating. Although I have used many masks and cosmetics, my skin condition has not improved. So she learned about the intensive acne treatment process at Miss Tram Beauty.

Or: With the advice of Miss Tram, after a 2-month CO3 Fractional Laser treatment for acne, the baby was no longer self-conscious, not only clearing acne, removing dark spots, but also giving her white skin. pink, healthy.

Let's see pictures of the baby before and after acne treatment at Miss Tram:

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